About Us

About Us


At Beady Designs, our main aim is to create personalised jewellery to fit individual needs and special occasions. Besides being a thoughtful gift for someone special, each item is designed to last.

We have encountered many unfortunate occasions where friends or families were upset about a broken memorable piece of jewellery. Although we try my best to make our jewellery pieces as sturdy as possible, there may still be unavoidable circumstances that break them. Hence, we are offering restoration opportunity so that you will never have to part with your favourite piece of jewellery again!

Our work is inspired by many things and we like to experiment with new ideas. Thus, if you have any distinctive request(s), we are happy to accommodate. We like diversity, hence, you will find that our collection is created from different materials and types of beads offering a wide selection of jewellery to suit different needs.

New and innovative ranges are continuously being added. Hence, please visit our online jewellery shop regularly for updates or follow our updates on .

If you have encountered any problem at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome feedback – good or bad so that we can continuously improve our services.

Thank you for visiting Beady Designs and happy shopping!