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By Type

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Beady Designs has a wide selection of lovely handmade beaded necklaces.




Checkout the collection of handmade beaded bracelets at Beady Designs.


Beady Designs offers a wide range of handmade beaded earrings with matching necklaces or bracelets.



A selection of handmade beaded jewellery sets are available from Beady Designs.


Hair Barrettes

Beady Designs has a collection of hair barrettes that is suitable for all ages.



Wine Glass Charms

Beady Designs offers a selection of wine glass charms to help you maintain harmony among your guests at parties! These charms make great gifts as well as wedding favours especially as each of them can be tailored to specific needs and occasions.

Multi-purpose Jewellery

Beady Designs offers a selection of handmade multi-purpose jewellery that can be worn in more than one way or serve more than one purpose.