Plastic Jewellery

Plastic Jewellery

Plastic beads make for affordable and durable jewellery and come in different shapes and sizes. My unique handcrafted plastic jewellery collection including handmade plastic necklaces, handmade plastic bracelets, handmade plastic earrings and handmade plastic hair barrettes features mainly flora-themed pieces.

Plastic Necklaces

Beady Designs' handmade plastic necklaces are affordable and come in a variety of striking and radiant colours.


Plastic Bracelets

Like the handmade plastic necklaces, Beady Designs' handmade plastic bracelets come in a variety of striking and radiant colours!


Plastic Earrings

Beady Designs offers an original range of handmade plastic earrings to complete its plastic necklaces and bracelets collections.